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Find Out About The Best Harry Potter Tour London And Enjoy With Friends And Family

There are many tours available that range from 3 hours to a few days. Many of the tours include other popular historical UK sights. These do not necessarily appear in the movies, but you may as well see them while you are in the area. Fans of the young wizard and his comrades are supposedly among the most die-hard followers you can get, so it's no surprise that Muggles around the UK and indeed the world are jumping at the chance to see and even touch the actual sets and props used in the Harry Potter Films. Therefore opt for the best Harry Potter Tour London.

The London leg of the tour will include a visit to King's Cross station. This is where scenes for platform nine and three quarter were filmed. You will be able to see the actual platform where Harry and Voldermort encountered each other. You could have a photo shoot at the trolley which disappeared into the wall. This has actually been installed into the relevant wall. The studios are based on the site of a former aircraft factory just outside of London, and preparations are currently underway to reassemble them into a walk-through exhibition featuring authentic sets, props and costumes from the films. Hence choose the best Harry Potter Tour London.


You might also be interested in experiencing London in a more local or creative way, so what about following the Harry Potter London tour or learning about the tales of the Thames, or maybe discovering the secrets off the beaten paths. Guided tours will immerse you in the local traditions, culture and show you things with a different angle. Contact your private London guide now and enjoy the city like a local! And for locals, Combine all of your secret places in a creative and unique tour and help people enjoy this vibrant city! Therefore opt for the best harry potter walking tour London.

Love them or leave them, but celebrities are a fact of life. Many very prominent people make London their home, and signing up for a Celebrity Planet Tour can let you check out a huge number of celebrity residences in a short period of time. Special themed walking tours are especially popular; Harry Potter walking tours are a hit with the younger crowd, while Beatles-themed walks are bound to thrill older generations. From pop music stars to big-time big screen idols, a walking tour of celebrity homes in London is always a treat. Therefore opt for the best harry potter walking tour London.

London walking routes do not just settle for letting you take pictures of the Royal Palace from the outside but would also let you enjoy the Palace garden. The Windsor Castle allows visitors in their Royal garden during summers and that means-you, Royal visitor. Most often when we go on a driving tour with a very business minded tour guide who would not take us for a long walk without an extra fee, we could only take a few minutes to enjoy the view of London Zoo. Therefore choose the best Harry Potter Guided Tour London.

Harry Potter Tour London

The close proximity of many world-famous attractions lends itself to a self-guided walking tour. A popular starting point is on Westminster Bridge, which crosses the Thames River. The Thames runs through London, pretty much east to west, with most of the sights on the north bank. Immediately visible from the Bridge is legendary Big Ben, the clock tower on the north of the Houses of Parliament. London is a spectacular city with much to see and do for every visitor. No matter whether you like seeing the quieter parts of the city, or getting into the hustle and bustle of the West End, there is always something to keep you busy. Hence opt for the best Guided Walking Tours Of London.

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